why our baskets aRe different


Every single product we carry, whether it's here on our new website, or at your local state fair, is made ONLY out of Himalayan Rosewood. 

Rosewood is darker in characteristic, extremely strong and durable. 

Not only that, but it is beautiful when carved...especially in a fully functional basket form!


Not only are our products made out of high quality Rosewood, but what makes them even MORE unique is that they are 100% hand carved using only  a scroll saw and hammer/chisel.
No laser cuts here, which makes every piece unique in itself. 

How to keep your basket beautiful and happy

The best way to keep your basket looking in tip top shape is to simply dust it regularly, and every few weeks (or as needed) use a little drop of mineral or olive oil on a soft rag and rub it down.
That's it! (This goes for all of our products too, not just the baskets.)